Business Spotlight: Somers Bay Consulting Services

Business Spotlight: Somers Bay Consulting Services

| August 10, 2020

How is a business like a football game?

When you are busy amid new pandemic protocols trying to get your food served quickly, get those service calls solved, keep inventory on your shelves and keep your customers coming to your business, how do you keep your business team focused on pulling together toward the goals you put together pre-Covid?  Charles Haberkorn compares your role as a businessowner to a quarterback who changes the play at the line of scrimmage when an unexpected lineup is detected.  

Covid and the new business model is your unexpected lineup, and it’s time to change the play.  Your new play involves a change in your process, managing supply chains differently, empowering staff to problem-solve on the spot and modeling behavior to give your staff the confidence they need to stay the course as well as pivot as needed.

Charles, through his business Somers Bay Consulting Services, can be just the help you need to stay on track.  If you need interim support, fractional resources or executive support check out what this local business can do for you. Visit and see the blog page for timely business resources.