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"Terri was of great help to us in understanding our insurance needs and providing a policy that protects our new condo purchase at the shore. She was professional, and I highly recommend contacting her for your insurance needs. Jim M., August 2021"

"Thank you Terri for helping and advising me on my options for condo unit owners insurance. We landed in a good spot, and although I still have a few decisions to make, your recommendations were extremely helpful and much appreciated. Keep up the great work! " -Larry T

"Just a note to tell you what a superb job Denise did in pulling together 8 condo insurance policies for me. They were all in different developments & varied states of mortgage / no mortgage / insurance / lapsed insurance, etc, a real patch quilt. Within days she had everything straightened out, reviewed, quoted & bound.  A real insurance professional! & a lovely person as well. You are lucky to have someone like Denise as one of the faces of Heist Insurance." -Gary F.

What is a condominium unit owner policy?

An HO6 policy form is the condominium unit equivalent of a homeowners policy. Like a homeowners policy, it typically includes these coverages.

  • Dwelling (Additions and Alterations)
  • Personal property
  • Loss of use/loss of rental income
  • Personal liability
  • Medical payments
  • Special coverages like loss assessment coverage
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Our specialized Condominium Insurance Division has over 50 years experience insuring the unique needs of associations and unit-owners. Hundreds of condominium association boards and their unit-owners depend on us to deliver insurance that provides the protection they need. 

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We represent many companies who offer a competitive unit owners HO6 policy with specialized coverage to make the policy work for you. Coverage and limits, especially on special coverage like loss assessment, mold, water back-up and more varies by company. You can depend on our experienced condominium team to guide you in the right direction as you choose a policy that gives you both the coverage you need at an affordable price. 

How is insurance for a condominium unit different than a single family home?

How is insurance for a condominium unit different than a single family home?

  • Insurance is more complex than a single family home because of multiple owners and governing documents. This is true for a 2-unit or 200 unit condominium complex.
  • Unit owners insure the part they individually own, as described in the condominium documents. Typically this is the unit interior, personal contents and some, all or none of the unit structural elements.  
  • The condo association insures common elements as described in the governing documents and some, all or none of the the unit structural elements, like cabinets and flooring.
Where to Start

Where to Start

The 1st step is to obtain a copy of your condominium Master Deed. Read the Insurance Section; it will spell out what the condominium association will insure and what the unit owner must insure. Do not confuse repair and maintenance responsibilities with insurance responsibilities because they are often different.

In particular, look for the building items, also referred to as Additions and Alterations that you are responsible for insuring under your unit owner policy.  

Do I need a flood insurance policy for my unit?

The Residential Condominium Building Association Policy (RCBAP) used for the master flood policy extends coverage to your unit regardless of the master deed wording

A unit owner policy is recommended for personal contents and additional building limits if required by your lender.

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