Claim Services

We provide direction, guidance and assistance to you from the time a claim is reported until the satisfactory resolution of the claim. Our services include:

  • Emergency claim service twenty four hours, seven days a week.
  • We work for you throughout the claim process, making sure you are compensated fairly per the terms of your policy.
  • If you have significant property damage, we will be on site the same day to meet with you, a mitigation/restoration vendor and the claim adjuster to expedite the claim process and restoration.
  • We can provide you with referrals from our extensive list of service vendors that can assist you with restoration. This list includes building contractors, mitigation companies, smoke and fire restoration companies, cleaning companies, handyman services, auto glaziers and car rental companies.
  • Our risk management services for businesses include a detailed list of your claim history and an up to date status on all open claims. We will also discuss ways to minimize future claims with various risk management techniques.
  • We can provide educational seminars to businesses on auto liability, general liability, workplace discrimination, property and workers compensation claims. Seminars cover an overview of claim handling within these lines of business and how to prevent or reduce losses.

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Claims can be left open as long as you need.
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Report a Claim

Please call us at 800-220-6613 to report a claim. If this is an emergency, and outside of our regular business hours, please call our 24 hour service line at 866-415-1150.

If your company is listed below, you may contact them directly through their 24 hour claim service.

  • Encompass Insurance 800-588-7400
  • Fidelity National Insurance 800-725-9472
  • Hartford 800-553-1710
  • Liberty Mutual NJ 800-900-4875
  • Merchants Insurance Group 800-322-8608
  • Mercury Insurance Group 800-987-2032
  • Narragansett Bay 800-343-3375
  • National Flood Services 800-759-8656
  • Palisades 888-725-9006
  • Peerless 800-522-7152
  • Progressive 800-274-4499
  • Safeco 877-566-6001
  • Travelers Personal 800-252-4633
  • Travelers Commercial 877-878-2468 CL

You may also submit the following form to notify us of a claim. We will follow-up with you to obtain the necessary details so that we may submit the claim to the company. If our office if closed, we will follow up with you on the next business day.

If your flood insurance policy is written by any of the following companies, you may contact these companies directly to report a flood claim. You will need the insured’s name and policy number.

NFS/National Flood Services/Hartford, Nationwide Mutual, Travelers

Wright National Flood/Fidelity National Insurance

NFIP/National Flood Insurance Program

Selective Insurance