Take-out for Easter?

Take-out for Easter?

| April 08, 2020

What to do with the ham? This holiday season, Easter, Passover or other holiday you may be observing, will be different for many of us. If you're used to hosting your large extended family for dinner, you'll find instead its one, two or just a few in your immediate household that will be around the table.

Like many of us, I've been dutifully racking up my points at the grocery store for my "free" ham. So now I have a 10 lb. ham in my freezer. Way too much for 2 people. What will I do this year?

I think this may be the year I do take-out for Easter!  A quick search of "restaurants near me offering Easter take-out" gave me lots of options. I can go traditional, maybe a prime rib, Chinese, pizza, brunch, cook-at-home or delivered hot. I can use my favorite local restaurants or find a new spot. The upside is I'm supporting local restaurants when they need it most.

Thinking about doing take-out? Here are some tips. 

  • Avoid contact with the food courier. have curbside pickup or delivery at home. Order and pay online to avoid a cash transaction.
  • Throw out the packaging, just to be safe. Transfer your food to your own container, and wash your hands immediately.
  • Disinfect your counters before and after eating.
  • Tip well. Delivery workers are especially vulnerable now, and they depend on tips for their livelihood. Now that you're saving money on restaurant meals and gas, be generous.
  • Support your local, family-run restaurants and businesses as much as you can. They're the ones who support the community, donate gift certificates to the local charity event and need us now.
  • Order directly from the restaurant to avoid 3rd-party app fees.
  • Leave a good rating. Give a positive review for the restaurant and help it attract new business.

I wish you happy times around your table, no matter what is served. Do your part so together we'll come out of this pandemic crisis.