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Condominium Property Claim Frequently Asked Questions

My property is damaged. What do I do next?

Your effort to prevent further damage is required by your policy and is reimbursable for covered claims. Take immediate steps to make emergency, temporary repairs to minimize further damage and to protect undamaged property. This may include covering damage to roofs, windows, doors and walls with plastic sheeting or plywood. Take photographs of the damaged areas of the exterior and interior of the building. Save damaged items for inspection by the adjuster.


My property was damaged by a broken pipe. What do I do while waiting for the adjuster?

Once the water is turned off, it is important to dry all wet areas. Providing proper air circulation will aid the drying process. Drying wet areas and dehumidifying can help minimize the possibility that mold will accompany water damage. Our claims department has the names of several vendors you can call for water and moisture removal.


I need someone to help with repairs.

If you require the services of a carpenter, handyman or contractor, and are having trouble locating one, call our claims department for the names of these contractors.


Will the claim check be payable to the unit owner(s) or the condominium association?

The named insured of a master condominium association policy is the association; therefore any claim check will be payable to the association. To prevent problems in cashing the claim check, as well as other payments that may be paid to the association, the unit owners should consider opening up a checking account in the name of the condominium association. Also, the check is mailed to the contact of record for the association, which may not necessarily be the owner that suffered damage in a claim.


Why is my condominium master deed needed?

If your condominium unit has suffered a property loss, your Master Deed will play a major part in the loss adjustment. The Insurance Section wording often defines where the association’s insurance responsibility ends and the unit owner’s insurance responsibility begins for building items inside your unit. Please be prepared for the insurance adjuster to request a copy of this document. If we have it on file, we will forward it them on your behalf along with our coverage interpretation. If you would like to better understand how to interpret your Master Deed’s insurance section, please read the document delivered with your policy titled “Unit Owner Insurance Responsibility”, refer to it on our web site or ask us for a copy.


How can I assist in the timely resolution and payment of the claim?

Submit to the insurance company all estimates of repair as soon as possible. Please have a copy of the condominium master deed and by-laws available for the insurance adjuster. Promptly complete and return any documents requested by the adjuster, such as a proof of loss. Timely resolution and payment of your claim is our goal, and we will assist you in any way we can.