EZ Coastal Flood Insurance in Delaware

Protect your home with FLOOD INSURANCE

Protect your home with FLOOD INSURANCE

Like most of the coastal towns along the eastern seaboard, weather patterns here in Delaware are not only unpredictable but also shifting, as climate change makes its influence felt. The coastal strip and boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach and other shore towns is a prime risk area. So too are inland areas directly north of Silver Lake and around Lake Gerar Park. According to the US Army Corps of Engineers, the sea level at Rehoboth Beach will increase by almost six and a half inches in the next 15 years, adding to the risk of water inundation.

But the need to protect yourself with flood insurance in Delaware stretches inland as well. Why? While along the 1B corridor, for example, is fairly low risk, experience tells us that a good number of flood insurance claims actually come from lower risk areas.

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Flood Risks for Homes in Delaware

Flood Risks for Homes in Delaware

Along the coast and inland, Delaware has its share of tidal waters, and with that comes the risk of flooding.

Much of the shoreline of Delaware Bay is marshy. The mouths of tributaries such as the Murderkill, the Mispillion, and the St. Jones are so shallow that only fishing boats find safe harbors north of Lewes. Farther north, on the banks of the Delaware River, spots of high, dry land appear, as at Port Penn, New Castle, and Edgemoor. The state’s main port, at Wilmington, is located at the confluence of the Delaware River and the Christina, one of its tributaries.

Most of Delaware is drained by streams that run eastward to the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean, but the Nanticoke River and its tributaries in southwestern Delaware flow into Chesapeake Bay. So does the Pocomoke River, which drains the Cypress Swamp, or so-called “Burnt Swamp,” in the extreme south of Delaware, at the Maryland line.

With all the ocean and river coastal areas, flood insurance is a must!

Why do you need flood insurance?

  • Homes in high-risk flood areas are required to carry flood insurance.
  • Any property, regardless of flood zone, is susceptible to flooding as most floods are caused by heavy rain or melting snow with already saturated ground.
  • Construction and new development is changing the natural drainage of water making more areas prone to flooding.

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • Purchase flood insurance from FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program or through a Private Market carrier.

What coverage is available?

  • Up to $250,000 of dwelling through NFIP
  • Up to $100,000 of personal property through NFIP
  • Additional limits are available through Private Market carriers or excess flood markets.
You Can Count on Us to Make Insurance EZ!

You Can Count on Us to Make Insurance EZ!

Although small, coming in as our 2nd smallest state, Delaware offers 28 miles of sandy beaches, and coastal towns filled with history and great restaurants and quaint shops. Cycle through the state parks of Cape Henlopen in Lewes, Seashore Park in Dewey Beach, Fenwick Island State Park along the coast. Kayak the salt marshes and enjoy the beaches at Lewes, Fenwick Island, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Broadkill Beach, Slaughter Beach and Dewey Beach.

At Heist Insurance Agency, we make it EZ to get the protection you need to enjoy the coastal life you've worked hard for. We will put together a policy that is right for you where you live, how you live and when you live at your home.