Flood Claim Information

What to do if you have a Flood Claim:

  1. Call our claims department as soon as you discover the loss in order that we may report the claim immediately to your insurance carrier.  You can also report the claim online or call your carrier directly.  Click here for the online claim form and company phone numbers.
  2. If possible, photograph the outside of the premises, showing any damage or flooding. Also, photograph the inside of the premises, showing the damaged property and the height of the water line.
  3. Separate the damaged from the undamaged property and put it in the best possible order for the insurance adjuster’s examination. If reasonably possible, protect the property from further damage.
  4. Damaged property which presents a health hazard or which may hamper local clean-up operations should be disposed of. Be sure to adequately describe and photograph discarded items so that, when the adjuster examines your losses and your records, these article are included in the documentation.
  5. Good records speed up settlement of your claim. Compile a room-by-room inventory of damaged goods, and include manufacturer’s names, dates and places of purchases, and prices. Try to locate receipts or proofs of purchase, especially for major appliances, and note manufacturers’ names, serial numbers, prices, and dates of purchase.

Flood Frequently Asked Questions

If you are affected by flooding and are in need of clean up information, helpful tips can be found on the following web sites:

Report a Claim

Please call us at 800-220-6613 to report a claim. If this is an emergency, and outside of our regular business hours, please call 800-220-6613 and press 8 for our 24 hour claim service.

If your flood insurance policy is written by any of the following companies, you may contact these companies directly to report a flood claim. You will need the insured’s name and policy number.  These are also the correct numbers to call if you would like to Check the Status of your Claim Payment.
NFS/National Flood Services/Hartford, Nationwide Mutual, Travelers, Standard

Wright National Flood/Fidelity National Insurance

NFIP/National Flood Insurance Program

Selective Insurance