Premium Assignment

Pay By Phone (NO CHARGE)

1.  Dial 1-800-342-0991
2.  Go to our automated response system by entering 11#
3.  Enter 8-digit loan number followed by #
4.  Confirm with 5-digit zip code
5.  Listen to account status including payment due information
6.  Option 2 – to continue
7.  Option 1 – Check by phone
a) Enter bank routing number (9-digits) and confirm
b) Enter checking account number followed by # and confirm
8.  Payment confirmation number will be provided.

*Payments made after 3:45pm (EST) will be credited on the next business day – excluding Holidays.

P.O. Box 8000 (payments)
Tallahassee, FL  32314-8800
Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check

Overnight Service
3522 Thomasville Road, Suite 400
Tallahassee, FL  32309
Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check

*Pay Online (NO CHARGE)
*Insured Login with 8-digit loan number and zip code
Checking/Savings Account

Direct Debit (NO CHARGE)
Online form must be completed by Insured at our website
Insured Login with 8-digit loan number and zip code.

Pay with Credit Card – Online at
*Insured Login with 8-digit loan number and zip code.  Select “Make a Payment”, then pay with Credit Card.
** Service via SpeedPay® through Western Union® (per transaction fee applies).

OR – Contact Western Union at (800)634-3422 and select option 2.
Visa, MasterCard or Discover
Please identify that you are remitting payment through Quick Collect for PAC, FL.