Property Claim Information

What to do when you have a property claim:

  1. Call our claims department as soon as you discover the loss in order that we may report the claim immediately to your insurance carrier.  You can also report the claim online or call your carrier direct.  Click here for the online claim form and company phone numbers.
  2. Take precautions to protect your property by undertaking emergency repairs.  Please save all receipts and bills for the emergency services.  Please take photographs of the damage.
  3. If you have water damage to your residence, take immediate steps to have a mitigation vendor come in and dry the premises out.
  4. If the damage was due to a defective or faulty appliance or other item in your home, please save this item so the insurance company can inspect the item.

Property Claims Frequently Asked Questions

My property is damaged.  What do I do next?
Take immediate steps to make emergency, temporary repairs to minimize further damage and to protect undamaged property.  This may include covering damage to roofs, windows, doors and walls with plastic sheeting or plywood.  Take photographs of the damaged areas of the exterior and interior of the building.  Save damaged items for inspection by the adjuster.  Your effort to prevent further damage is required by your policy and is reimbursable for covered claims.

My property was damaged by a broken pipe. What do I do while waiting for the adjuster?
Once the water is turned off, it is important to dry all wet areas.  Providing proper air circulation will aid the drying process.  Drying wet areas and dehumidifying can help minimize the possibility that mold will accompany water damage.  Our claims department has the names of several vendors you can call for water and moisture removal.

I need someone to help with repairs.
If you require the services of a handyman or contractor, and are having trouble locating one, call our claims department for the names of these contractors.

The contents of my home were damaged. How do I prove what I had?
Making a list of all damaged items is a good way to start documenting your loss.  Include the brand names and model numbers of all appliances and electronic equipment.  Remember to include items such as clothing, sports equipment, tools, china, linens, furniture, holiday decorations and hobby materials.  Try to locate receipts of your damaged personal property.  If possible, take photographs of the damaged items.  Do not throw out any damaged items until you are told to do so by the adjuster.

I have to move out because my home is not livable.  Do I have coverage for this?
If you need to relocate from your home while the home is being repaired, there may be additional living expense coverage under you policy for the extra expenses involved with living elsewhere.  Please check with us for policy coverage.

Why is my check made out to me and my mortgage company?  If your home is mortgaged, the check for home repairs will generally be made out to you and the mortgage lender.  As a condition of granting a mortgage, lenders require that they are named on the property policy and that they are a party to any insurance payments relating to the structure.  This means the mortgage company may have to endorse the check.